How to build an external HDD

external hard drives are useful because they can be used on any computer. They are portable and lightweight. If you want to make your own external hard drive, you can do it with an internal hard drive and an external hard drive bay. This case converts an internal unit to work as an external one. Things You’ll Need
Internal HDD
External HDD enclosure
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Pull open the external HDD enclosure by hand. Mount the internal HDD into it.

Connect two cables from the external HDD enclosure to the back of the internal hard drive. This will allow the cabinet to read the internal HDD.

Close the cabinet. Tighten it by squeezing the four corners tight with the screws that came with it.

Plug the cabinet power cord into an electrical outlet. Plug the USB cable from the case into the USB slot on a computer. The hard drive will now be recognized by the computer.

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