How to Change a USB Mass Storage Device to Look Like Something Else

Microsoft Windows includes a standard set of icons, and regardless of which USB drive you connect to your computer, the icon will remain the same. If you use multiple drives, such as an external hard drive for backups, another external hard drive for your music, and a USB flash drive for data transfer between computers, you might want to determine one drive from the other at a glance. You can change the appearance of the units using custom icons. This can help ensure you don’t copy files to the wrong drive. Instructions
Download the desired icon ICO file. . See Resources for an icon gallery.

Open the Notepad application, located in the “Start” menu.

Type “[AutoRun]” and press Enter. Type “Label = USBMassStorageName” (using the exact drive name) and press Enter. Type “Icon = Icon.ico” (using the exact name of the icon file). The result will be three lines of text.

Select “File > Save As…” and save the file as “autorun.inf” on your desktop.

Plug in the USB drive if you don’t have it already. Drag both the “autorun.inf” and ICO icon file to the root of the drive. Replace the existing autorun.inf file if prompted. Unplug the unit. When you turn it on, the default USB drive icon will be replaced with your usual drive icon.

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