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How to change Windows 11 IP address to fixed

The IP address of Windows 11 is an automatically obtained IP address by the default DHCP function. You can manually change the IP address of the “Ethernet (wired)” or “Wi-Fi” network adapter to a fixed one. DHCP is a function that automatically assigns an IP address to a router connected to a PC. The IP address cannot be fixed because the PC automatically obtains and sets the IP address. This page introduces how to set a fixed IP address in Windows 11.

Steps to fix Windows 11 IP address
Here we are using a “wired (Ethernet)” connection for explanation, but you can also use the same setting method to fix the IP address for a “Wi-Fi” connection. Alternatively, both can be set to static IP addresses.

1. Open the edit screen to fix the IP address

1-1. Click the “Start” button and click “Settings” in the Start.
 1-2. When the setting opens, click “Network and Internet” in the item.
 1-3. When “Network and Internet” is displayed, click “Detailed network settings” to display the network adapters for which IP addresses can be set.  1-4. Set a static IP Click the “∨” button for the network adapter in “Ethernet/Wi-Fi” to expand the contents.
 1-5. When the contents are expanded, click “Show additional properties”.
 1-6. Click “Edit” in “IP Allocation” to display the selection screen for editing the fixed IP address.

2. Change IP address from automatic to manual

2-1. Change the selection box of “Edit IP Settings” from “Automatic (DHCP)” to “Manual”.
 2-2. Click the switch button to select whether to set the static IP to “IPv4” or “IPv6”.
Point: About IPv4 IPv6
IPv4 has a limited number of 32-bit addresses distributed, and there will be a shortage in the future. IPv6 uses 128 bits to create an almost infinite number of IP addresses. In addition, IPv6 has stronger security than IPv4 and is expected to spread as an alternative to IPv4 in the future. Currently, IPv4 is still the mainstream.

3. Enter the static IP address setting

3-1. When the IP edit screen is displayed, manually enter the IP address in each item and set it.

Explanation of fixed IP address setting

  • IP address

    Enter the fixed IP address.

  • sub-net mask

    Enter an IP address with a given subnet mask. If you don’t know, enter “”

  • gateway

    Enter the IP address of the given gateway. If you do not know, ask, or if you do not change the current network environment, check the Windows 11 IP address confirmation at the end and enter it.

  • Preferred DNS

    Enter the IP address of the given DNS server. If you don’t know, you can use it by entering the DNS server “” provided by Google.

  • DNS over HTTPS

    Most of the time it should be “off”. “On” if the use of HTTPS is stipulated

  • Alternate DNS

    Enter the IP address of the DNS server to use if your preferred DNS fails. If you don’t know it, you don’t have to enter it.

  • DNS over HTTPS

    The above has the same settings, but here for “Alternate DNS”.

  • IPv6 “off”

    If IPv6 is provided and you want to fix the IPv6 IP address, turn it “On” and enter the fixed IPv6 address.

7. Click “Save” when you have finished entering the static IP address settings.

4. Confirm fixed IP address

4-1. Right-click the desktop and click “Terminal” in the menu.
 4-2. When the terminal is displayed, enter ” ipconfig ” and press the “Enter” key
 4-3. Search for the target network adapter, and if the set static IP address is displayed, it is reflected and can be connected.
If the fixed IP address is not displayed, it is not reflected. See The set IP address at the end of this page is not reflected, restart the network adapter to reflect it, and check the display of the IP address again.

  • The IPv4 IP address is the IP address of the network adapter you are connecting to.
  • IPv6 IP addresses are displayed regardless of whether they are in use or not, unless they are set but IPv6 is not disabled.

This completes the static IP address setting.

■ Point: Change IP address

change IP address

To change the IP address, open the edit screen where the fixed IP address is set, rewrite it to the IP address to be changed, and click “Save” to complete the change.

Set multiple static IP addresses

Multiple IP addresses can be added to a single network adapter in addition to the fixed IP address. Please see the following page for details.

Set IP address back to automatic setting

On this page, go to Change IP address from automatic to manual for “1-2” and select ” Automatic ” in the “Edit IP settings” selection box to return the IP address to automatic setting by the DHCP function. I can.

Configure multiple DNS IP addresses

Advanced network settings allow you to set two DNSs, but you can add multiple DNSs. Please see the following page for details.

The set IP address is not reflected

If the set IP address is not reflected, restart the network adapter. 1. Open Control Panelfrom the start menuTo start it from the Start menu, click “All apps”, click “Windows Tools” in the list to open Explorer, and click “Control Panel”.
 from search

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard, then press control .
  • When the search screen appears, click “Control Panel”.

*This operation is the same as entering “control” in the search.
 2. When Control Panel opens, click “View network status and tasks” in “Network and Internet”.
 3. Click Adapter Settings/Change.
 4. Restart the network adapter with the IP address set.

  • Disable by clicking “Disable” in the menu that right-clicked “Network adapter” with a fixed IP address
  • Right-click the disabled network adapter and click “Enable” in the menu
  • This operation “reboots” the network adapter and reflects the set IP address.

 5. After restarting the network adapter, check again if the IP address has been changed to fixed.

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