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How to check requirements for Windows 11 compatibility

To upgrade or install Windows 11, there are requirements such as TPM2.0, CPU, and UEFI secure boot support. You can check whether it meets the requirements with the Microsoft official application “PC Health Check”. Also, if the requirements are not met, you cannot upgrade or set up to Windows 11.

This page introduces how to check if the PC to upgrade (install) Windows 11 meets the requirements.
See the separate page below for upgrades and installations.

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Check if Windows 11 requirements are met

To check the requirements for Windows 11, download and install “PC Health Check” provided by Microsoft from the website. Click “Download PC Health Check App” under “Check Compatibility” on the official website of Windows 11 to download it.
Microsoft Windows 11 official website
 Double-click the downloaded PC health check application “WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup”.
 – When the security warning appears, click “Run”. Click “I accept the terms of the license agreement” to place a check mark, and then click “Install”.
 Installation will start, so wait for a while until it finishes.
 When the installation is completed, “Open Windows PC Health Check” is selected, so you can execute it by clicking “Finish”.
 Run “PC Health Check” and click “Check Now” in “Introducing Windows 11” to start verification.
 Requirement verification results are displayed as follows. 

Meets Windows 11 requirements

It says “This PC meets the requirements for Windows 11.” You can upgrade or install to Windows 11.
 Does not meet Windows 11 requirements
It says “This PC does not currently meet the Windows 11 system requirements.” Cannot upgrade or install to Windows 11.
 To see which requirements are not met, you can click View All Results and scroll through the boxes. 

The installed “Windows PC Health Check” is pinned to the start menu. You can run it anytime or even uninstall the app.

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