How to Check Your Computer or Hard Drive for Sites Someone Has Been Visited

Often, in office environments, an employer can run checks to ensure employees with Internet access are using it strictly for work purposes. Or maybe you simply would like to remember a particular site you came across a few days ago, or need to double-check some information and can’t remember the exact location where you first came across it. No matter the reason, past Internet usage on a computer is usually quick to access. Instructions
Using Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer.

Press “Ctrl” and “H” at the same time.


Navigate through the history navigation menu until you have retrieved the necessary information.
Checking hard drive

Open Internet Explorer. <Br>

Click on “Tools” in the program’s menu bar.

Click on “Internet Options”.

Click on “Settings” (this is found under the heading “Browsing History” and is to the right of the “Delete” button) .

Click on “View files”. This allows you to see what website information has been saved on your computer.

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