How to clone programs to a new drive

Cloning programs to a new drive is often the best way to upgrade a hard drive to a larger size without the need for a complete installation of the operating system, drivers, program files, and data files. It also works as an effective backup tool, providing a backup drive that is ready to boot in case of hard drive failure. Specialized software allows cloning of hard drives by partition, file or sector. Sector copies can be useful when trying to recover data from a damaged disk using specialized data recovery software that can restore lost, damaged or deleted files. Things You’ll Need USB

Hard Drive Adapter Hard Drive Hard Drive
Cloning Software
anti-static wristband
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Clone the hard drive to a USB HDD
Connect the USB hard drive adapter to an available USB port on the computer and install the necessary drivers when prompted by the operating system.

Attach the hard drive to an external power source, usually supplied with the USB hard drive adapter, then connect the hard drive to the USB hard drive adapter.

Run the hard drive cloning software and select the existing drive C as the source drive and the new drive as the destination drive.

turn off the system when the clone drive operation is complete, disconnect the USB hard drive adapter from the system and remove the power cord and adapter cable from the new hard drive. Unplug the computer’s power cord and connect the anti-static wrist strap to the computer case.
Replace hard drive

Open the case and remove the existing hard drive by disconnecting the data cable and power cable from the existing hard drive and disengaging the hard drive bracket or removing the securing screws holding the hard drive in place.

Swap the hard drive bracket for the new hard drive or mount the new hard drive directly into the case, using the same method as the old drive used.

Connect the data cable and power cable to the new hard drive. Replace the cover and plug in the power cord and boot the computer.

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