How to Compare DVD Discs

When looking at blank DVDs, you can compare discs in a number of ways. Depending on the type of drive you have and your specific needs, certain drives may be better for you than others. Occupation
Some discs are writable only once (DVD+/-R) while others are rewritable DVD(DVD+/-RW), and can have the data written and removed from them multiple times. Rewritable discs usually cost more, but you don’t have to buy them that often.
The two main competing DVD formats are DVD + R (W) and DVD -R (W). Most units made today are still compatible with both formats. +R(W) and -R(W) discs are almost identical, the only big difference is that +R(W) discs don’t need to be finalized in order to use, which can save time when burning DVDs. Before purchasing discs, you should make sure that your drive is compatible with any format you choose.

Recordable discs are available in single layer and double layer varieties. Single-layer recordable DVDs can store 4.7GB of data, while a dual-layer disc can store 8.5GB. For movies or other large burning files, you might want to consider dual-layer discs. Many movies cannot completely fit on a single-layer disc. There are no double layer rewritable discs ​​.

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