How to Configure Jumpers on a Computer

Jumpers are small connectors that can be connected to pairs of pins on a piece of computer hardware to configure various settings. Jumpers are most often used when configuring IDE drives master/slave settings, but are also sometimes used to configure motherboards or other computer hardware. Different hardware manufacturers will have different jumper combinations to configure various settings, so the process of creating jumpers on a computer will vary depending on the hardware used. Instructions
Read the documentation that came with the hardware you are setting up. Different jumper configuration settings should be listed in the documentation, but may be stamped on the hardware itself.

Attach jumpers to the sets of pins marked with the desired settings.
When configuring IDE drives, there are some default configuration options to consider. Each IDE cable can support up to two drives at a time. The first unit must have the “master” setting enabled, while the second must have the “slave” setting enabled instead.
Alternatively, many units already offer a “cable select” configuration option, which, when used on both units, will configure the master/slave settings automatically. This setup requires a special IDE cable to use, however.

Make sure that all jumpers are pushed all the way in, and that there is no other conductive material on the pins that could short them.

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