How to configure Windows Internet Explorer 98 with a PC card

If you are running Windows 98 operating system on your laptop computer, you will have Internet Explorer installed as your default browser. Most computers with this operating system are configured to access the Internet through a standard dial-up telephone line. If you want a higher speed Internet connection, you’ll need to get either DSL service from your local phone company or cable Internet access from your cable provider. When you order this service, you will be provided with a high speed modem. To connect the modem to the computer, you will need to install an Internet PC expansion card. Things You’ll Need
Internet PC Card
Driver Installation CD
Ethernet Cable
cable or DSL modem
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Slide the Internet PC card into the expansion card slot on the side of the laptop (laptops only have PC card slots). Once the card is fully inserted into the laptop, a light appears on the card, signaling the card is connected.

Insert the software installation CD into the computer’s optical drive.


double click “My Computer” on the desktop, click the “CD” icon and double click “Install” to start the driver installation wizard.

click “Next” and leave the installation name and location which is . Select “Install”. The driver for the Internet PC expansion card installs on the computer.

Restart the system, then plug the Ethernet cable into the “Out” port on the Internet modem. Connect the other end of the cable to the “No” port on the Internet PC card. Make sure you are able to connect to the Internet using your high-speed modem.

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