How to Connect a SATA to a USB Port eSATA Box

Serial ATA is a technological standard for communication between CPU and drives. SATA drives utilize simple cabling that declutters your computer and makes it desirable as external storage drives. Many of these external cases use USB 2.0 to connect to your computer. Although this makes them easy to use for Mac and PC users, USB technology is not able to support the full transfer rate of your drive. To preserve transfer speed, many boxes now include eSATA connectors, which read and write six times faster than USB. Things You’ll Need
USB/eSATA cabinet
kit grounding kit
small screwdriver
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Clear your workspace of dangerous and distracting items and install or place anti-static equipment (such as ground screens, counter shields and wrist straps).

attach the static-protective strap to your wrist and remove the SATA drive from its packaging. If you are using the car from an existing system, consult your device’s manual for the desired drive location before proceeding. Shut down and shut down the laptop, desktop, or case before attempting to remove the drive.

Insert the drive into the chassis so that the drive connector fits the pins on the chassis. If your case has separate cables for power and data, connect each cable to the drive individually. Do not force the cables, if the connection is loose, remove the drive and try again. Reassemble the cabinet indicated by your kit. Some kits come with screws for the front panel, while others simply snap closed.

Turn on the computer . If your case has an external A/C adapter, supply power directly from a wall outlet or surge protector. Choose the eSATA or USB cable from the case and connect it to the corresponding port on your computer. Do not use both tokens at the same time.

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