How to Copy a Floppy Image to a CD

The image of a CD, floppy disk or any other media storage device contains information describing the data stored in the hardware. If you have a floppy disk image stored on your computer, you can save it to any other memory product, including a CD. Due to the small size of the floppy disk image it only takes a few minutes to write to a CD, and it is possible to write hundreds of floppy disk images to the same CD. Things You’ll Need Show
CD Burner
More Instructions
Insert the blank CD into the CD burner. Close the autoplay window that loads onto the screen.

Click the “Start” button on the desktop, then choose “My Computer” or “Computer” (depending on the operating system you are using) .

double-click the CD icon. A window loads onto the screen, which represent the files stored on the blank CD.

Click and drag the floppy image into the open window. Repeat this process with all the floppy disk images you want on the CD.

Close the open window, right click on the icon and choose “Properties” from the dropdown menu. This loads a new display on the screen. Select the “Burn” tab, followed by “OK”, and the floppy images are burned to the CD.

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