How to Copy a Hard Drive Step-by-Step

Copying an entire hard drive is difficult to perform directly through the operating system alone, without specialized software. This is because there are certain files that are used by the operating system that are not available to be copied while the operating system is running. However, you can use a standard boot disk and DOS command prompt to copy the contents of one hard drive to another. Things You’ll Need
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Insert the DOS boot disk into the floppy or optical drive, depending on the type of disk, and restart the computer.

Press any key when prompted after the power-on self test is completed. . A DOS command prompt appears

Type “Copy * X * : .” at the command prompt and press “Enter”. Replace the “X:” drive letter with any other drive letter indicating the destination where you intend to copy the hard drive. This command copies all files, regardless of their name or file extension, to the destination disk.

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