How to Copy a LakeMaster Pro Data Card to a New SD Card

A LakeMaster Pro data card is a Secure Digital (SD) card that contains all the lakes and characteristics of a specific region (usually made by state). Because the information is stored on a standard SD memory card, you can copy the data to a new SD card with an SD card reader. This procedure allows you to back up the Pro LakeMaster data card if it becomes damaged in the future. Things You’ll Need Show
SD Card Reader
More Instructions
Connect the SD card reader to the computer via the USB data cable leaving the back of the device missing.

Insert the Pro LakeMaster data card into the SD card reader. Momentarily, the computer states that a new, removable device has been detected.

Click “Start” and “(My)Computer.” Double-click the removable device icon to load a window with all the maps saved on the Data LakeMaster Pro card.

Click and drag files through the open window onto the desktop.


eject the SD card after you have finished copying the maps to the desktop. Insert the new SD card into the card reader. Return to (My) Computer and double-click the removable device icon.

Click and drag the files you copied to the desktop into the open window. This process copies the data from the LakeMaster Pro data card to the new SD card.

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