How to Copy a LaserLock CD

LaserLock is a type of copy protection application that uses a physical signature to encrypt the executable file on a CD. Therefore, the application will only work if the executable file is run directly from the LaserLock-protected CD. However, LaserLock encryption does not prevent users from copying content inside a LaserLock-protected CD to the hard drive or any other type of removable media. Instructions
Insert the LaserLock-protected CD into your computer’s CD drive.

Click “Open folder to view files” in the autoplay menu that appears.

Select all files inside the LaserLock-protected CD. Press the “Ctrl” key and the “A” keys together. Right-click on any of the highlighted files or folders and select “Copy”.

Open another Windows Explorer window. Click “Start” and select the “Computer” option.

Go to a location on your hard drive that has at least 700 MB of space. Right-click on any empty area and select “Paste”. Wait until the progress bar reaches the end to finish copying the LaserLock-protected CD.

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