How to Copy Boot IDE to SATA

Hard disk manufacturers routinely provide drive cloning software for simple disk that is used to copy existing boot IDE disks to SATA drives in order to allow the system to boot without the need to install operating system, drivers and other software. Commercial programs that perform the same function are also available. -Hard -drive cloning software can be run from the currently installed operating system to copy the drive to a blank SATA drive, or it can be run from a boot disk to copy the contents of an IDE disk to the newly installed SATA drive. Things You’ll Need
Hard Disk Cloning
Computer System Software With An IDE Boot Drive
USB Hard Drive Adapter
SATA Hard Drive
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Create a Boot Disk
get a – hard drive cloning utility, such as one of the utilities provided free of charge by hard drive manufacturers listed in the Resources section.

install the software for the computer with the IDE boot disk still running. Check the web for any software updates and install them if available by following the onscreen instructions.

Run the disk cloning software and choose the option to create a new boot disk for the cloning operation.

Insert a blank CD into the optical drive when prompted, and perform the operation to create the boot disk.

Leave the new boot disk in the drive, and shut down the computer after the operation completes.

Swap the IDE hard drive out of the computer and connect it to the USB hard drive adapter and a power cable.

Install the SATA drive in the computer as the primary hard drive following the instructions provided by the hard drive manufacturer or computer manufacturer.

Start the computer with the disk cloning boot disk in the drive, and follow the instructions to clone the external USB IDE hard drive to the new SATA internal primary system drive.

Remove the boot disk, and shut down the system

Remove the IDE hard drive and USB hard drive adapter from the system and boot the system for normal use.
backup method

Download one of the hard drive cloning programs listed in the Resources section, or get a different one if you wish, and install it on the computer working with the IDE boot drive.


Connect the SATA hard drive to the USB hard drive adapter, and attach the drive’s power.

Follow the instructions to install the software necessary to use the USB hard drive adapter, but don’t allow the operating system to boot or format the new SATA hard drive when it detects it.

Run the car cloning software, choosing to copy the existing IDE boot drive as the source to the new SATA hard drive as the destination.

turn off the system and disconnect the SATA hard drive and USB hard drive adapter.

Install SATA hard drive as the primary boot device on the system, and remove the IDE drive.

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