How to Copy Karaoke Songs to USB Drives to Play on Karaoke Machines

Thanks to advances in technology, karaoke is far beyond its original means. Games like “Sing It” and “Sing Star” catapulted karaoke into the realm of video games, while standard karaoke machines take advantage of hard drives and digital music to expand their capabilities. Some even allow karaoke singers to bring their own music on USB flash drives to plug directly into the karaoke machine for an even more expanded playlist. Fortunately, putting karaoke songs onto your pen drive is an easy process, requiring just a few simple steps. Instructions
Copying Karaoke Songs from a Disc
Insert your USB flash drive into one of your computer’s USB ports.

Open your browser and navigate to the CAVS homepage. Purchase and download CAVS Encoder software. Double-click the program’s icon and follow the onscreen instructions to install it on your computer.

Run the program. Insert the karaoke disc you want to copy songs from into your computer’s disc drive. The computer must have a Plextor branded disc drive to copy karaoke songs from a disc.

Select the karaoke files you want to put on your USB flash drive. Click on the “Encode” button to start the encoding process. Allow several minutes for this process to complete.

Create a new folder in the root directory of your USB drive and name it “Karaoke”. Drag the folders containing the karaoke music files into this new folder.

Rename the karaoke music files in each of the folders so that each of them has a five-digit number as its name. Each folder contains two files, one mcg file. And an mp3 file. . Both files in each folder must have the same name with a different extension. For example, the first folder will contain files named “00001.mcg” and “00001.mp3”, the second folder will contain files named “00002.mcg” and “00002.mp3”, and so on. Start at “00001” series of files and continue until you rename all files.

eject your USB flash drive from your computer.
Digital Copy Karaoke Songs < br >

Insert your USB flash drive into one of your computer’s USB ports.

Open your web browser and navigate to a website that offers users digital karaoke tracks. Download and CDG The Karaoke channel are two of the sites that offer this service

Purchase and download the karaoke tracks you want to put on your USB flash drive.

Complete steps 5 to 7. Plug the USB drive into the karaoke machine and the songs will appear on the screen for you to choose.

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