How to copy UDF files from CD format

UDF, also known as Universal Disk Format, is a type of file format used by optical devices to burn CDs and DVDs. The main advantage of using UDF file format is the ability to edit the data recorded on a disc. If you want to burn the files to a UDF-formatted CD for another CD, you can do so through Windows Explorer’s CD/DVD option. However, you must first format the CD with UDF file format before you can burn a UDF file over it. Instructions
Copy the files from the UDF – formatted CD to your hard drive.

Insert a CD in the blank CD / DVD burner on your computer and select the option identified as “write files to disk.”

Name the CD you are about to burn. To do this, type a name for the “Disc Title” and click “Next”.

Click the button next to “File System Live” and then click the “Change Version” option. Use the drop-down menu next to “UDF Version” to select a UDF version you want to burn the files with extension . For example, UDF 2.50 only supports Windows Vista and later operating systems, but UDF 2.01 features additional support Windows XP as well as Windows Server 2003.

Click “OK” to format the CD with the selected UDF file format. Windows Explorer then open the formatted CD in a separate window.

Open a new Windows Explorer window and navigate to the location of the files you copied from the UDF formatted CD or DVD. Drag all files into the other Windows Explorer window to copy them to the CD in UDF format.

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