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How to create installation media that can be created by Windows 11 local users

Windows 11 Home version 22H2 can no longer create a local account user, but if you create an installation media with Rufus, which is famous for boot media creation software, you can create a local account on 22H2 by connecting to the Internet. This page introduces how to create installation media that can create local accounts and how to create local account users during installation.

Creating installation media that can create a local account user on Windows 11

Download Windows 11 ISO file

1. Click the “Download Windows 11 disc image (ISO)” selection box on the Microsoft official Windows 11 download page, select “Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO)”, and click “Download”.
A multi-edition ISO file is a specification that allows you to install Pro, Home, Enterprise, etc. with a single ISO file (image).

2. “Select product language” is displayed. Click “Select one” to select the language and click “Confirm”.
3. “Download” is displayed, so you can download by clicking “64-bit download”. 

Download Tips for Windows

You can also download each version of Windows 10/11 with Rufus, the installation media creation software introduced in the next section.

Downloading and setting the installation media creation software

1. Access the official Rufus download website at the following URL.

The boot media creation app Rufus was released at the end of December 2011. It is highly reliable and can be used easily without having to install it on your PC.

2. When the download page appears, click “Rufus 〇〇 Portable ” to download it.
Portable is a specification that allows you to use the app directly without installing it on your PC.3. Create a folder named “Rufus” for easy management and copy the downloaded Rufus Portable.
 4. Double-click Rufus Portable to run it.
* If User Account Control appears, click “Yes”.
 5. On the “Rufus Update Policy” screen, “Do you want to enable automatic checking for online updates?” Click “Yes ” .
 6. Rufus (Portable) will start after setting the update policy.
This completes the setup of the boot media creation app Rufus. The next step is to create installation media that can be created by a local account.

Creating installation media that allows local accounts to be created

Please note that creating Windows 11 installation media will delete all data in memory. Also, a USB memory of 8Gb or more is required. 1. Connect the USB memory to the computer first.
It is possible to connect even after running the app, but here we will connect and check first so that there is no recognition problem.2. Start Rufus if it is not already started.
* If User Account Control appears, click “Yes”.
 3. Confirm that the connected USB memory is recognized and click “Select” to open Explorer, so select the downloaded Windows 11 ISO file and click “Open”.
 4. If you want to change the volume label, set the name using single-byte alphanumeric characters. Here we have changed it to “Windows 11”, but there is no problem as it is.
The volume label is the name displayed on the USB in Explorer, etc.
5. Check the “Boot type” and click “Start” to see the options. After setting, the installation media will be created.
 6. Local account users can be created with this setting

  • When “Customize Windows installation” is displayed
  • Click to check Remove requirement for an online microsoft account .
  • If other items are checked, click them to remove them.
  • Confirm your selection and click OK.

 7. When you are prompted to confirm that all data in the USB memory will be erased, click OK.
 8. The creation of the installation media will begin, and you can check the progress in the progress bar of “Status”.
It takes a lot of time It
depends on the environment, but it takes a lot of time to create the installation media. You should think that you need at least 30 minutes.
When the progress bar is displayed, it stops moving after passing 95%. It seems that the data is being modified in the final stage and it is taking time, so please wait as it is.
9. Once the ‘Status’ changes to ‘Ready’, you are done creating installation media that can be created by local accounts . 

If the creation of the USB memory installation media fails

  • Quit Rufus and disconnect the USB memory.
  • Connect the USB memory again and confirm that the USB memory is recognized by Explorer.
  • Start Rufus and create the installation media from scratch.

If it still fails, there may be a problem with the USB memory. Try creating installation media using a different USB memory.

Create a local account user by installing Windows 11

Here, we are introducing how to create a local account user while proceeding with the installation of Windows 11. Other than the operation here, the operation is the same as a normal installation. 

1. Important points for creating local account users

Disconnect from the internet when you see Unlock Microsoft Experience .
Click “Sign in” when the internet is not connected.
To disconnect the internet, unplug the cable if connected, turn off wi-fi on the main unit if using a laptop, or move to a location where connection is not possible.

2. Set local account username

Enter the “user account name” in the “Name” box of the local account and click “Next”.
Single-byte alphanumeric characters are recommended for the user name . Problems may occur, such as not being able to use overseas apps in Japanese.

3. Setting passwords for local accounts

  • In the password box, enter your password and click Next.
  • When the “Confirm Password” screen appears, enter the same password again in the box and click “Next”.

4. Forgot password settings

  • If you forget your password, you can solve it by answering the question.
  • Select the content of the question, enter “Answer” and click “Next”.
  • Questions and Answers need to have 3 different settings. (required)
  • The content of the question once selected cannot be used.

This completes the creation of a local account in the installation settings. 

5. Reconnect to the network

Connect to the internet when “Choose device privacy settings” is displayed. . Initial settings may not be completed without connection.
Once you are connected to the internet, continue setting up the installation.

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