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How to disable Windows 11 screen animation effects

You can disable animation effects such as opening and closing windows on Windows 11 and display them quickly by selecting “Visual Effects” under “Performance” in “System Details” and making detailed settings according to your preferences. This page introduces details and disabling of the main animation effects of Windows 11 screen.

Windows 11 screen animation effect details and disabling

In addition to animation effects, there are visual effects related to design, but here we are introducing the ones related to animation effects. To disable the animation effect, click to remove the check mark to turn it off, and click “Apply” to see it reflected immediately. If the animation effect is off but it is not disabled, you can deal with it by “enable” and “apply” again “disable” and “apply”.

Where to set the animation effect

1-1. Click “System” in the menu that is right-clicked on the “Start” button.
 1-2. When “System” is displayed, click “Advanced system settings” in the related link.
 1-3. When “Advanced system settings” is displayed, click “Settings” under “Performance”.
 1-3.” Visual Effects ” in “Performance” is where animation effects are set .
Animation within Windows

Settings for general Windows animation effects. For example, when you click the “Start” button of the Windows mark, it is an animation effect that slides from the bottom to the top with an animation to open the start menu. 

  • You can disable animation effects by clicking “Animations in Windows” to remove the checkmark and clicking “Apply”.
  • When this function is disabled, the start menu etc. will be displayed instantly.

Window maximize/minimize animation

Windows such as apps and explorer are displayed with animation effects as shown below.

  • When opening a window from the icon on the taskbar, an animation is displayed from the vicinity of the icon from a small window to a normal size.
  • When a window is made full screen or restored to its original size, the resizing appears to be animated instead of instantaneous.
  • You can disable this animation effect by clicking “Animate when maximizing or minimizing windows” to remove the checkmark and click “Apply”.
  • Disabling this feature will make window visibility and resizing appear instantaneous.

 Fade in/slide hints

An animation effect that makes tips and notifications fade in and out or slide out. 

  • You can disable this animation effect by clicking “Show hints fade or slide” to remove the checkmark and click “Apply”.
  • Disabling this feature allows hints to appear instantly.

Description of other animation effects

In Windows 11 visual effect settings, there are other animation effect settings such as “Fade or slide menus to display” and “Fade out menu items after clicking”. However, these animation effects cannot be completely disabled by an application, so the effect of the setting is not so great. The animation effects that are worrisome when operating Windows 11 are ” animation in Windows ” and ” display with animation when maximizing or minimizing windows ” . You will be able to feel Disabling animations also saves some resources.

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