How to Duplicate a Hard Drive in Windows XP

Upgrading your hard drive to a bigger and faster drive will be much simpler if you clone your old drive and transfer the image to the new one. Software cloning makes an image of your current drive and mounts the image to your new drive. This gives you a partition on the new drive identical to the old drive and prevents you from having to reinstall Windows XP and all your programs. Several free software programs are able to clone your old drive. Things You’ll Need
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Download Macro Reflect Free version 4.2. Launch the program after installing it and choose the option “Create a backup image of an entire disk or selected partition(s)” on the first screen. Choose “Full” and select the location to save the duplicate file. You will need another hard drive, an external hard drive or removable media if you don’t have enough space on your current drive. Set a password and encryption level after clicking “Advanced” on the last page and click “Finish”.

Install Miray HDClone Free Edition software. Clone your smaller car to a larger one, creating a boot CD that will copy your hard drive to a new one. Create a new partition with the remaining space or use the software to merge with the partition HDClone created.

Download and install Acronis True Image WD Edition Software. Copy your source drive to your new Western Digital hard drive and erase the old drive after migration. Acronis will create a boot disk for the essential files you need in case of hard disk failure.

Download DiscWizard. Install DiscWizard and attach your new disc. Start DiscWizard and wait while it analyzes your current drive. Select the “Clone” option from the “Disk Utilities” menu and work with the menus to clone your drive. DiscWizard only works with Seagate and Maxtor drives.

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