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How to enable sign-in on Windows 11 screen off resume

It is possible to display the sign-in screen and enable password entry when the screen is turned off in Windows 11 by setting the screen saver. By enabling sign-in, you can use your PC more securely. This page introduces how to enable sign-in after returning from powering off the screen of Windows 11.

Enable password entry on Windows 11 screen power off and wake up
The method to enable sign-in when returning after turning off the screen is mainly done from the screen saver settings.

1. Setting to enable sign-in after waking up

1-1. On the desktop (home) screen where there is nothing such as an icon, right-click and click “Personalization” in the menu.
 1-2. When personal settings are displayed, click “Lock screen” to open the lock screen settings.
 1-3. Click “Screen saver” in “Related settings” in Lock screen settings.
 1-4. If you click and select “Return to logon screen when asked again” in the screensaver settings, you can display the sign-in screen after returning.

Learn more about how sign-in is enabled after wake-up

By enabling “Return to logon screen when asked again”, the screen saver function is also enabled, and the PC is locked when the screen saver starts , and sign-in is enabled after returning. When the screen saver is enabled, the screen saver will be displayed fairly quickly after 1 minute by default. You will be asked to sign in when you return to the desktop screen. Also, if the screen saver type is the default “None”, the screen saver is designed to display the lock screen.
Windows 11 How to switch to the lock screen after stopping operation and setting the waiting time After enabling sign-in, make sure to also change the wait time after inactivity before being locked. Changing the waiting time and the image displayed when locked are explained in the next section.

2. Set the waiting time until locking after stopping operation

Screen saver latency is the amount of time before the screen (PC) locks. Time from operation stop to lock Click “▲▼” of ” Wait time ” to set the time.
 Once you’ve changed the wait time, see the next section, Setting the screen to turn off after locking, which describes how long the screen will turn off .

Setting the image to display after locking

The image displayed on the screen saver after locking can be set as a slideshow of selected folders containing images, or as a standard animation. If (none) is selected, the lock screen will be displayed.

3. Setting the time to turn off the screen after locking

You can set the time to turn off the screen by clicking ” Screen timeout setting ” in the lock screen settings and selecting “Screen and sleep”.
 ■ When setting the time to turn off the screen after locking, there are some points to note as follows.

When using the lock screen with a screensaver (none)

If you are using the lock screen, set the power off time longer than the waiting time plus 1 minute . If the time is shortened, the sign-in screen may not be displayed. ■ What is the time added for 1 minute?
If you are using it for the lock screen, the screen will turn off after waiting and 1 minute , no matter how long the power off time is. This is because Windows 11 defaults to turning off the power one minute after the lock screen is displayed . It is possible to change the default value of one minute.
If you change the time longer, please review the time setting to turn off the screen.
Behavior when using the lock screen After
locking, the lock screen is displayed, and by default, the screen turns off after one minute and the sign-in screen is displayed after returning.

If you have selected a screensaver other than (none)

If you have selected a screensaver other than (none), set the time longer than the wait time . If you shorten the time, sign-in may not be enabled. Behavior when the lock screen is not used
The screen saver is displayed after the lock until the time the screen is turned off, and sign-in is enabled after the screen is restored both before and after the screen is turned off.

This completes the instructions for setting the time to turn off the screen. The sleep time setting should not be shorter than the screen turn off time. These settings allow you to enable sign-in after waking from hibernation such as sleep

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