How to Erase a Damaged Hard Drive

When you dispose of a damaged hard drive, even if you have deleted all your files to trash, you still run the risk of data theft. Many users don’t realize that deleted files can be recovered. One solution is to install software that will actually delete all files if the hard drive is still functional. According to PC World, DBAN (Boot and Nuke Darik) and Secure Erase are downloadable software applications that can be used to erase hard drives simply and effectively. If you want to dispose of a permanently damaged hard drive, total destruction is the most effective method of erasing. Things You’ll Need
software Secure Erase software
demolition tool (like a hammer)
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DBAN Instructions
Download the DBAN software application.

Copy the downloaded file onto a blank CD.

Start your computer with the DBAN disk and follow the on-screen instructions to overwrite all the data on your hard disk. Replacing existing data effectively erases your files from the hard drive.
Secure Deletion

Download the freeware version of Secure Erase.

Run Secure Erase and follow the onscreen instructions.

When the program asks if you want to continue, enter “Y” Secure Erase will overwrite the existing data and all files on the hard disk will be cleaned

Choose any demolition tool you are comfortable working with: . A hammer, drill or mallet will be enough to destroy the hard drive.

demolish all the chips as well as the metal disk platter inside the metal case, making it impossible for the data to be retrieved from the hard drive.

Dispose of all broken parts properly.

Wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves at all times while you are demolishing the drive drive.

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