How to erase DVD-R discs

A DVD is a digital versatile disc. A DVD can store data like text documents, photos, graphics and videos. DVDs are supported by most computer systems and DVD players. A DVD -R is a disc that is recordable. This means you can burn your own DVD with the data you want. To erase and burn new data to a DVD, you need to purchase a DVD-RW. The “W” attached to DVD -R means you can use the disc multiple times. Instructions
Insert the DVD -RW into your computer’s DVD drive. Allow the computer time to recognize the disk. This usually takes no more than one to two minutes.

Click on the “Start” button in the bottom left corner of your computer. On Windows XP and earlier editions, this button will turn green and say “Start”. On Windows Vista or higher, the “Start” button is a round icon.

Go to “My Computer”. When this opens, right click on the DVD icon. Look for the option to erase or reformat the data on the disk. Click on this option.

Follow the instructions. Your computer will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the data. Confirm that you want to delete the data. Allow the computer to erase and reformat the DVD-RW disk. Once the process is complete, the information previously on the DVD will be erased and the disc is ready to be burned.

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