How to Extend USB Wear Erase Memory -Write Cycles

Flash drives provide fast external storage via a USB connection, replacing floppy disks and CDs for transporting and storing personal files. USB memory (pen drive) takes up less space and has more information. Longevity and durability are also extended, although still subject to certain limitations. Inexpensive Multi-Level Cellular (MLC) units wear out after 10,000 cycles, but Single-Level Cellular (SLC) technology can last 10 times longer. It is more likely that you will use your USB long before the cycle limit is reached. Instructions
Protect your USB port. A damaged USB port will affect the life of your pen drive. Do not push foreign objects into their ports. Do not force the plug into place. If the USB does not fit, check the metal connectors for distortion and realignment.

Prevent outbreaks. USB drives extract power from your computer. If your system experiences a surge, USB may fail. This damages and decreases the number of read and write cycles. Always connect your computer to a surge protected outlet and back-up power supply, if available.

Buy a good USB drive. Choose a device that specifies SLC memory and leveling wear. Wear leveling ensures that your pen drive accesses memory blocks evenly, ensuring maximum lifetime is achieved. Think of it as a tire rotation.

Protect your drive. Do not expose the unit to impact, water, heat, cold or static electricity. Keep the pen drive in your case at all times. If possible shop around for a heavy-duty or “indestructible” case. More USB drives are tired of dealing with the cycle limits.

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