How to Find a Top Quality DVD-R Disc

DVD stands for either Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc. The “R” on DVD-R stands for “Writable.” This means that the disc will be used to record a while, and it will become a read-only disc that cannot be burned again. This differs from the suffix “RW”, which means “rewritable”, and indicates a disc can be written to again and again. As DVD-R discs are only burned once, it is often important to choose a high quality disc. Look for several factors to help ensure top quality. Instructions
Check the color as a starting guide. The bottom of the disc is color coded and is sometimes indicated on the box label. Gold discs are often considered to be the best quality, although other colors can be just as good.

Check the label for the type of dye used in the manufacture as this is more important than the actual color. The dye used to create the color is indicative of the quality of the disc. The highest quality is a phthalocyanine dye.

Check the brand. High quality brand names often use manufacturers that offer the best product. Verbatim and JVC Taiyo Yuden are considered to be of high quality as of October 2010.

Check the country where the discs are manufactured. By branded suppliers, Taiwan and Japan are considered to manufacture the best quality, with Malaysia and China manufacturing the worst. Generic names that come from Taiwan are often mass produced with low quality.

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