How to Fix a CD RW

Scratches on a CD-RW can make the disc unreadable by your disc drive and make it impossible to add or remove data from the disc. Fortunately, there are many compounds and machines available to remove scratches from a CD-RW. Things You’ll Need
Compound Scratch Removal
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Place the CD-RW on a folded paper towel, with the glossy side facing up.
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Apply a few drops of the compound removing scratches such as scratching out! scratch remover, on a clean cloth or cotton swab.

Use the cloth or cotton swab to rub the compound in a circular pattern on the surface of the disc until the scratches disappear or disappear.

Wipe the CD-RW with a clean cloth and test the disc. If CD-RW still cannot be read by drive, repeat application of compound removing -zero.

Use a CD/DVD scratch removal machine. These machines are widely available. To operate it, apply scratch removing compound to your CD, then insert it into the machine. The machine to buff the scratches automatically.

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