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How to fix shared PC not showing up in Windows 11 network

The problem that the PC icon was displayed in the network share on Windows 11 but disappeared can be dealt with by enabling SMB (1.0) file sharing support in the “Windows Features” setting. This page introduces how to deal with when the PC icon is not displayed in the network share.
Depending on the environment, the icon may not be displayed unless password protection is enabled in the sharing settings. See below for sharing settings.
How to fix Windows 11 network share icon not showing

Network sharing is enabled, and there is no problem with other PCs such as Windows 10 There are reports that the PC icon is displayed on the network, but it is not displayed on Windows 11, which seems to be a bug. This workaround is to enable “SMB 1.0” to display the icon. 

Enable SMB 1.0 and show icon on network

1. Open Control Panel.
from the start menu To start it from the Start menu, click “All apps”, click “Windows Tools” in the list to open Explorer, and click “Control Panel”.
 from search

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard, then press control .
  • When the search screen appears, click “Control Panel”.

*This operation is the same as entering “control” in the search.
 2. When Control Panel appears, click Programs.
 3. Click “Turn Windows features on or off” under “Programs and Features”.
 4. When Windows Features are displayed, click the box for “SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support” to select it.
 5. When you click “OK”, the message “Searching for necessary files” will be displayed and the setting will start.
 6. When the message “Required changes have been completed.” is displayed, click “Restart now” or “Don’t restart” if you want to restart later.
 7. Setting “SMB 1.0” change will take effect after reboot. Verify that the PC’s icon appears in the network after rebooting.
 SMB 1.0 Reverts to Disabled
After applying the patch update, “SMB 1.0” may be reverted to disabled. Also, if you encounter the problem that the PC icon is not displayed on the network, please check the SMB 1.0 settings. 

What is SMB 1.0

SMB (Server Message Block) is a network standard for Windows sharing. SMB was developed before Windows was even connected to the Internet, and has been updated and versioned. Among them, the first version is “1.0”, which is still supported by the latest version of Windows, Windows 11. However, Microsoft does. Security information has been published and SMB 1.0 has vulnerabilities, so it is “disabled” by default in Windows 10/11. If network icon not showing up is a bug, then SMB 1.0 should be reverted to disabled once it’s fixed. But I don’t know if there is no announcement, and at the same time it will probably be fixed, there is also a possibility that it will be automatically disabled.

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