How to Flash an SDHC Card So it Works with Panasonic

SDHC memory cards are storage devices so small that they are used in cell phones, cameras and camcorders. Format an SDHC card before using it with a Panasonic device. This will clear all data and correct errors on the card. Things You’ll Need
External SDHC Card Reader
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Put the SDHC card into a computer with an internal or external SDHC reader connected to the computer.

Press the blue button in the lower left corner of the screen. Select “Control Panel”.

Click on “System and Security”. Click on “Administrative Tools”, double click on “Computer Management”.

Click on “Disk Management” to display the SDHC card. Right click and choose “Format”.

Click “OK” on the format screen to format the drive to its original state, ensuring it will work on a Panasonic device.

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