How to Format a Split Drive

Formatting a separation drive, which is basically a partitioned storage drive, is as simple as formatting a drive that isn’t partitioned. The process, however, has to be done twice to the latter. A separation unit is, in essence, two or more units in a package; formatting one partition on the separation drive does not affect the other partition(s) on the storage device. Note that formatting does not completely erase all data from your computer, special hard drive recovery programs may be able to recover data after formatting a drive. Instructions
Open your computer’s Start menu and click on the “Computer” option.

Right-click on the drive partition you want to format and select “Format…” option from the menu.

Set the “Allocation Size” as default and click the “Start” button at the bottom of the window.

Wait for the drive to finish formatting, and close the formatting tool.

Revert to the Computer window and repeat the process, starting with step 2, for the second partition on the storage device.

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