How to format an MMC card

MultiMedia (MMCs) are used in a wide variety of devices, from cell phones to cameras to portable music players. Regardless of the card application is placed in the direction, MMC card users often find that they run out of storage space or that their card has become unreadable due to corruption. In either case, formatting usually solves the problem. Keep in mind that formatting results in deleting all card data. Things You’ll Need
MMC Reader
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Formatting Instructions On A Windows PC
Secure your MMC reader to the PC. Normally, the MMC card reader is connected via a USB cable. You can get MMC card readers from online retailers for just a few dollars (see Resources section).

Click on your desktop menu “Start” and click on “Computer”. The “Computer” window displays all storage devices currently connected to your computer, such as the hard drive.

Insert the MMC card into the card reader. The “Computer” window will now show the MMC card among the other devices listed. If you do not rename your MMC card, Windows will name it “Removable Disk”.

Double-click on the “Removable Disk” icon. Make sure this is the disk you want to format by looking at the content. When you are sure, click the back arrow to return to the “Computer” window.

Right-click on the “Removable Disk” icon that corresponds to your MMC card. Select “Format” from the menu that appears. Click “Start” in the format window. A message will appear when formatting is complete. The MMC card will have been cleaned and made ready for use.
Formatting on a Mac

Attach your MMC reader to your Mac and insert the MMC card. Normally, the MMC card reader is connected via a USB cable. You can get MMC card readers from online retailers for as little as a few dollars (see Resources section).

Click on the “Spotlight” search (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen) . Type “Disk Utility” and click on “Top Hit”.

In the left pane of the Disk Utility window, click your MMC card. Don’t mark anything with a metallic gray icon, as the icon represents a hard drive instead of your MMC card. The MMC card icon is white.

Click on the “Erase” tab at the top of the right-hand panel in the Disk Utility window. From the “Volume Format” drop-down menu, select “FAT”. This is the most used format, especially for mobile devices.

Click “Erase” in the lower right corner of the Disk Utility window. Disk Utility will notify you when the MMC card has been formatted and is ready to use.

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