How to Format an NTFS Boot CD

Before you can use a Windows boot CD, you must format it for the NTFS file system. NTFS file system is a Windows format that allows you to use security and share permissions on your computer folders. Windows has a built-in formatting process that starts automatically when you insert a blank CD. The wizard helps you format the CD and guides you through the formatting process for the NTFS file system. Things You’ll Need
White CD
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Insert the blank CD into your CD-ROM burning device and wait for Windows 7 to detect it. Click “Burn a disc” when the pop-up window appears.

Enter a name for the disk.

Click “Show formatting options.” Choose “Live System File” to copy files to your boot CD so you can have a boot CD and a backup disk for other important system files.

Click “Next” to format the CD for your NTFS file system and close the Wizard after completion.

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