How to get hundreds of songs on one CD

When creating an audio CD for use in standard CD players, the music files on your computer (usually MP3s) must be converted and formatted for that use. This formatting takes up disk space, resulting in only a dozen songs mounting on an audio CD. With no formatting required, you can easily fit multiple audio files onto one CD. Many CD players now have the ability to play “MP3 CDs”, so songs can be burned to CD in the same way a user might burn a data CD instead of an audio CD. Things You’ll Need White
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Insert a blank CD into your computer’s CD burner.

Select “Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer” from the autoplay window that automatically pops up.

Enter a name for the disk. Select “With a CD/DVD player” , which ensures that you burn the CD with the “Mastered” format, which allows for greater compatibility between devices and computers. Click “Next”.

Drag the audio files into the “Disc burning folder.” Click “Burn to Disc” to start writing the songs to the CD.

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