How to Import a Mini DVD to Your Computer

Importing video content captured on your camera is essential for editing the events and memories you put so much effort into recording. While you may be more familiar with the process of extracting content from a full-size DVD, you can also rip video from mini-DVDs, provided your computer has the proper depression in its tray. DVD extraction utilities read and rip from mini-DVDs as if they were full-sized ones, so you can be sure that content and hardware are compatible. Things You’ll Need
DVD Ripper
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Install a DVD ripper utility if you haven’t already done so. Consider ImTOO DVD Ripper, Aimersoft DVD Ripper or Xilisoft DVD Ripper .

Insert the mini-DVD into the inner depression of your DVD-ROM. The mini DVD will rest securely in the center of the board despite the extra space.

launch your DVD ripper utility.

Select mini DVD as extraction source.

Select your desired file format from the extraction dialog’s drop-down menu.

Select a destination folder for the extracted files if there is no default.

Click “Rip”, “Import” or “Extract”.

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