How to install a new HDD on a ThinkPad

Like any piece of computer hardware, hard drives are susceptible to failures and corruptions that can hamper their ability to function properly. If your ThinkPad’s hard disk is running noisily or causes unreasonable errors ​​, replace it with a new one. Make sure you have a backup of your old disk files before transferring. Instructions
Turn off the computer and disconnect all cables connected to it, including the power supply. Close the screen and place it upside down with the hinge facing away from you.

Slide the latch in the center of the ThinkPad body to disconnect the battery. Remove the battery from its compartment and set it aside.

Remove the screw holding the hard drive in place (in the lower right corner of the hard drive), using a coin.

Open the screen and set the computer on its side with the hard drive facing up. Pull the cover that holds the hard drive in place to lift the hard drive from the computer.

Pull the tabs on the cover to pull it out from the hard drive and pull it out of the drive’s case.

Attach the cover to the new drive. Align it with the compartment and gently push it into the computer. Close the screen and put the computer back down.

Secure the coin screw in place and install the battery back into its bay.

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