How to Install a SATA Driver on an MSI K8N Motherboard

Install the SATA driver on an MSI K8N motherboard to enable the four SATA ports and built in RAID controller. MSI makes it easy to find and install drivers for your motherboards using its new Live Update utility or by downloading the driver and installing it in the most traditional way. SATA makes drive installation and configuration easy and allows for higher speeds than older PATA drives, and SATA drives come in higher capacities as well.
Live Update Utility Instructions
Download and install the MSI Live Update Utility (see Resources).

Launch the utility and allow it to run a scan of your existing hardware.

install updated drivers and then restart your computer to begin using SATA features.
manual Download
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Search the MSI website for your specific motherboard model (see Resources).

Locate the drivers for the SATA controller that match the installed operating system.

Download the driver file to a folder on your hard drive.

Right click on the downloaded file and click “Extract All Files” and click “Next” to extract the files.

Double click “Setup” to start the installation program for the SATA controller. Use the default settings and click “Next” to continue with the installation. Restart your computer when installation is complete.
Windows Update

Click “Start” and “All Programs” and click “Windows Update” to start the system update utility running.

Install any prerequisite software needed to allow Windows Update to run. Click “Yes” on all instructions to trust the content and install the necessary controls.

Click “Check for Updates” to begin searching for updated drivers, software updates, and operating system security patches.


Click on the “Hardware” updates and click the checkbox for any MSI hardware listed. Click “OK” to return to the installation prompt.

Click “Install” to download and install updated drivers.

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