How to install an Optiplex GX270 DVD-RW

Dell’s Optiplex GX270 supports several installable upgrades ​​. Notably, it has an easy-to-upgrade DVD-RW drive. Upgrading this unit is mostly a matter of opening the case, adjusting some connections and then closing the case. A DVD-RW drive lets you burn DVD movies or store up to 4.7GB of rewritable data on a single disc, they are particularly useful for backing up important files. Things You’ll Need
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Turn off the computer, disconnect all cables that are attached to the tower and remove the stand from the computer. Relocation of your computer to a well-lit workspace.

Place the computer on its side so that the Dell logo on the case is facing the ceiling. The current optical drive should be facing up. Find the buttons on the top and bottom of the case near the back of the computer. Push both buttons at the same time and lift the computer cover. Touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis to remove static electricity from your body.

Remove the audio and power cables from the Interposition board that is connected to the back of the installed optical drive and then remove the board itself from the back of the drive. Squeeze the tabs on each side of the drive and pull it out of the drive bay. If your computer does not have an optical drive, connect the IDE interface cable from your computer’s hard kit to the IDE connector on the motherboard. The motherboard’s IDE connector is next to the bays.

Slide the new drive into the drive bay until you hear the tabs click into position. Connect the Interposition plate to the back of the new unit. Interposition board guide should fit under the notch on the computer cover. If your drive has a controller card, insert the card into one of your computer’s expansion slots.

Bend all cables away from routes and case airflow fans. Close the computer, reconnect all cables and start the computer. Run “Dell Diagnostics” from your computer’s start menu to verify that the drive is installed correctly.

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