How to know which drive to rebuild

RAID configuration is a type of arrangement where several hard drives are used as one. Sometimes these drives are connected via an independent RAID adapter, while other cases you can have the RAID drives setup through Windows directly. RAID configures hard drives in such a way that your data is not lost if one of the drives fails. Instead, you can either rebuild the data on a new drive or try repairing the original drive. Instructions
Click “Start”.

Right-click on “Computer” and select “Manage”. The computer management panel will appear with several options in the left sidebar. Click “Disk Management.”

Check the drive status for each of the RAID drives. This status must be indicated in the unit list which displays all your units. Active or online indicates the unit is working as it should. Degraded means the drive has failed and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Inactive or undefined means it is not a RAID drive. If you have already replaced the defective RAID drive, you should have a hard drive with a status of unallocated. Right-click the unallocated drive, or the defective drive, if you want to try to recover the drive before replacement. Click on “repair volume.”

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