How to make a DVD game on a PC When disc is inserted

You can watch movies on your computer as long as it has a DVD-ROM and a media player. Most manufacturers automatically build laptops to include these two items, so if you have a PC that was made before 2000, you should have no problem opening your media player and watching a DVD. Instructions
Press the eject button on the side of your PC.

Insert the DVD into the DVD-ROM and lightly press down, to ensure the DVD is in place. Close the door by pushing it inside. A window should appear indicating it is in the DVD drive.

Click “Open” to open your Windows Media Player. Most computers must have a media player installed. Alternatively, you can download a media player.

Click “Start” and type “Media Player” into the search box if it doesn’t open automatically. Click on the media player you want to open.

Select the movie from the display panel if you had to manually open your media player.

click “Play DVD Video” and select “OK”. Your movie should start playing automatically.

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