How to make a FAT32 SD Card

Secure Digital cards are used to store data on many different types of devices, from digital cameras to laptops. SD cards are flash memory drives that slide into an SD card slot or card reader on the device. Data is written to the cards by the device and you can put them in a computer with a card reader to interact with the SD card as you would a hard drive. The FAT32 format allows an SD card to be read in many different operating systems because older versions of Windows do not recognize the NTFS format used in Windows 2000 and later versions. Things You’ll Need Computer
SD Card
With Card Reader Or External Card Reader
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Connect your card reader to your computer’s USB port if you are using an external card reader.

Put your SD card into the card reader. Save all the data you want to keep on disk.

Go to “Start” and “Control Panel”. Click on “System and Security” and “Administrative Tools”. Double-click on the “Computer Management” icon.

Click on “Disk Management” in the sidebar of the Computer Management window. Right-click the SD card listing in the Disk Management window. Choose “Format”. Change the file system to “FAT32” using the drop-down box. Click “OK” twice to complete the process.

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