How to make a SATA driver disk

When installing a SATA hard drive, you must have a driver available. This driver tells the computer how to read the internal SATA drive and what functions it performs. If the computer is connecting the drive to not have an internet connection or the actual driver installation disk, you will need to create one on a separate computer to load the driver. Things You’ll Need Floppy Show
Hard Drive More Instructions 1

Insert the floppy disk into your computer’s disk drive.


Open your Internet browser, then navigate to the SATA hard drive manufacturing website.

Choose the “Support” feature, then click “Download”. The exact text may differ slightly depending on the website you are using. Choose the model of car you are using, then the operating system that is running with the SATA drive. This brings up the driver download. Click the download link to download the information to your computer

Click “Start”, “My Computer”, then double click on “A:”. Unit icon. This loads a window representing the floppy. Click and drag the downloaded file into the open window. Once the file has been copied you are able to eject the disk from your computer. Any other computer with a floppy disk drive is capable of installing disk controller information.

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