How to make a server using a portable hard drive

Windows Server 2008 is an operating system designed to let you administrators quickly set up a secure network environment. The software is plug and play, which means that devices connected to the computer running Windows Server will be automatically detected and installed. One such device can be a portable hard drive, which can be used to store many of Windows Server’s files and folders. Things You’ll Need
Windows Server 2008 Computer.
Portable hard drive.
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Log on to the Windows Server 2008 computer using an account with administrative rights.

Connect the portable hard drive to one of the computer’s USB ports.

Check the drive letter that Windows Server has assigned to the hard drive by opening Windows Explorer, for example, Windows Server may have assigned it as the “G:\\” drive

Insert the Windows Server 2008 installation CD
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Enter the drive letter – G :\\ – when prompted to do so by the installation wizard. This installs the Windows Server files and folders to the portable hard drive.

Click “OK” when the installation wizard has finished. Windows Server is designed to use the portable hard drive.

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