How to Mount a Slim Internal DVD Mod on a Computer

Slim DVD drives are usually meant for laptops or special cases that are referred to as mods, which is short for modified. For the most part, you can take one of these DVD drives and install it on a normal computer, but how it looks on the computer and how it looks in your case depends on the drive and the amount of work you do. Size and physical appearance of the unit should not affect how it works. Things You’ll Need
Drive Cable Converter Support
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Open the computer case. Release the access door from the back of the case. Raise the access door. You may need to press a button or release.

Remove the front panel from the case where the DVD drive goes. Because it’s a stylish car, it won’t take up all the space. You may want to cut the cover that was in place in half and use it to cover the empty space above the unit. You can also use tape or just leave the space open.

Place the DVD drive in the open bay. Screw the drive to the side of the computer case. Connect the power and data cables from the motherboard to the drive. You may need a special support system to hold the unit in place if it doesn’t fit in one of the bays. If the drive does not have standard power and data connections, you will have to use a cable that has standard type for your motherboard on one end and drive type on the other end, which may be a laptop type smaller. The motherboard data cable can be IDE or SATA. Most of the newer drives are SATA.

Close the computer case and screw the door back into place. Restart the computer . Windows should automatically recognize the DVD drive.

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