How to Open a FreeAgent Drive Box

The Seagate FreeAgent is an external hard drive enclosed in a plastic case that connects to the computer via a universal serial bus (USB) cable. If your Seagate hasn’t been working properly, you can actually open the drive and take a look inside. The car case is secured by internal clamps, but with the right tool they can be released. It shouldn’t take long to get the job done. Things You’ll Need
Hobby Knife or Screwdriver
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Insert the tip of the stylus or screwdriver into the opening on the side of the unit’s case, exactly where the top of the case meets the body.

Work your way around the side of the case, gently popping each of the built-in locking clips as you go.

Insert the tip of the stylus or screwdriver into the opening on the opposite side of the unit and work your way around it until the clips are released. <Br>

Hold the unit by the top and pull the top cover out of the case. The actual hard drive will now be visible inside the housing.

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