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How to open Windows 10 Control Panel

The “Control Panel” shortcut icon that was directly displayed in the Start menu in Windows 7 has been moved to “System Tools” in the Start menu in Windows 10. This page shows how to open the Windows 10 Control Panel.

Open control panel

Click the “Windows” mark that opens from the start menu
, scroll the displayed “menu”, click “Windows System Tools” in “W” to expand it, and click “Control Panel”.
  Open from search
If you enter “control panel”, “control”, “control” in the search box (cortana), “control panel” will be displayed in the search results and you can open it.

In each environment, the “search box” may be on the taskbar, only an icon, or nothing may be displayed.
Even if there is no icon, you can easily bring up the “search box” from the keyboard. The figure below shows the display method and state of the main “search box”.
Display method and state of the search box

The figure below is the result of searching for “control”.

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