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How to organize Windows 11 Start icons into folders

With Windows 11 version update 22H2, it is now possible to create folders on the start menu and organize icons together. You can create a folder by clicking and holding the icon on the Start screen until the icon becomes smaller , then dragging the icon over the grouped icon. You can also organize multiple shortcut icons. This page introduces how to set folders in the start menu.
See the page below for how to add or remove icons from Start.

Create a folder in the start menu to organize icons together
Start menu folder functionality was added in version 22H2. The method to update to Ver.22H2 is introduced on the following page.
Create folder in start

In Start, create a folder with icons such as apps. 

  • Click and hold either icon to combine.
  • When the icon becomes smaller, click and hold it and move (drag and drop) it toward the group icon.
  • When you get close to the group icon, the icon changes to a folder shape.
  • Once you have moved to the group icon, folder creation is complete.

Add icon to start folder

Add and organize icons such as apps in the start folder. 

  • Click and hold the icon you want to add to the folder.
  • When the icon becomes smaller, click and hold to navigate to the folder.
  • Align the icon to be added to the folder with the desired folder.
  • If the icon disappears and the icon appears in the folder, adding the icon is complete.

Restore icon in folder to start

Restore the icon in the Start folder to Start. 1. Click on the folder containing the restore icon to reveal its contents.
 2. Click and hold the Return to Start icon until it shrinks.
 3. When the icon becomes smaller, keep clicking and move the icon to the place where there is nothing such as the start icon.
 4. If the contents of the folder disappear and the icon for returning to the start is displayed, it is completed.
Rename folder containing icons

Change the folder name that organizes the icons in the start menu. 1. Click to display the folder you want to rename.
 2. Move the cursor to the name box and click to make it ready for input.
 3. Rename the folder when the name box becomes available.
 4. Press Enter when you have finished renaming the folder. If the folder has been renamed, you are done.
Delete folder containing icons
Delete the folder that organizes the icons in the start menu. 

  • Go to Start by clicking on the icon in the folder until it’s small.
  • The folder will be deleted when all the icons in the folder have been moved.

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