How to Overclock RAM Memory

When computer manufacturers make a computer, they set everything up to the most conservative levels to make the computer last a reasonably decent amount of time. If you think your computer is slower than you would like, you can perform computer surgery called overclocking. This will allow you to bring more power to the core processor and it will run up to 8 times faster than it does now. You don’t need special tools for this and no previous computer skills. Instructions
Restart your computer and wait for the prompt to press the “Del” key. By pressing “DEL”, it will take you to the BIOS menu.

Scroll through BIOS using the arrow keys on your keyboard and select the “Advanced Chipset” or “Overclock” feature in its menu. Press “Enter” to open the menu.

Find the “FSB”, or front bus, option to change the memory clock mode. Change the clock’s memory to “Unlinked” instead of “On”.

Continue down the menu for the “MEM MHz measurement” and change the DEC number listed there. Use the number your new MHz RAM has for this change, for example if you have upgraded to 1066 RAM, enter that number.

Go to the “Moment Memory Setting” option and change the “tRAS” and “tCL Settings”, “tRCD”, “tRP”. These numbers are provided with your new RAM.

Press “ESC” to return to the main BIOS menu and scroll right to the “Save & Exit” option. Press the “Y” button when asked to confirm the changes.

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