How to Partition a Harddrive on Windows XP

Computer users partition their hard drives for many reasons, including the ability to have more than one operating system installed. There are several ways to partition a hard drive using Windows XP. One method of partitioning a hard drive is during the Windows XP installation process. With the Windows XP setup menu, you can partition a hard drive without reinstalling Windows. Another method of partitioning a hard drive in Windows XP is to use the Windows XP “Disk Management” tool. Instructions
Using the Windows XP Disk Management Tool
Log on to the computer as a system administrator. Select “Start” > “Run”, enter the command “compmgmt.msc” and click “OK”. Select “Disk Management”.

Create a new partition by right-clicking on the free space of your displayed primary disk. Then, from the menu that pops up, select “New Partition.” Once you’re in the “New Partition Wizard”, select “Next”.

Select “primary partition”, click “Next”. Assign the new partitioned disk a drive letter and click “Next”. Select “Do not format this partition” and click “Next”. Make sure you are happy with your changes, if so, click “Next”.
Partitioning Using Windows XP Setup

Place the Windows XP CD in the computers CD drive. Restart the computer to launch the Windows XP installation. Press a key when the computer asks you to “Press any key to boot from disk.” You should see “Welcome to Setup”, then press the “Enter” key.

Accept the Windows XP License Agreement by scrolling down and typing “F8”. The Windows setup menu will ask you to repair your existing Windows version; skip this option by selecting the “ESC” key

Press “C” to create a new partition using previously unpartitioned. memory on disk. Specify the partition size by typing a number in megabytes and pressing “Enter”. Once partitioned, to abort the remaining Windows XP setup procedures, press “F3” twice.

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