How to Play a VCD on Your Computer

VCD , short for Video Compact Disc, is a disc that contains video files. It can be played using standard VCD or DVD as well as CD-ROM or DVD drives on a computer. If you want to watch a movie saved on a VCD, you can do so using your computer’s CD or DVD player. Before you can play a VCD on your computer, make sure you have a media player installed on your computer. For Windows OS users, Windows Media Player is a built-in tool. Mac computers, on the other hand, have QuickTime Player. Instructions
How to Play VCD on Windows Computers
Insert the VCD into the computer’s optical drive. If you have a Windows operating system, wait for the computer to recognize the media and ask if you want to play the file.

Select “Play” from the list of options. If the small dialog box does not appear, click “Start”, then “My Computer” or “Computer”.

Double click “CD/DVD-ROM” and wait for your computer to open the video file through your default media player.
How to Play VCD on Mac
4 Computers

Place the VCD in the computer’s optical drive.

Open the “Applications” folder and launch QuickTime player. Click on the “File” menu and select “Open Movie in New Player.” Click on the VCD icon located in the sidebar and open the “MPEGAV” folder.

Browse through the files and look for the one that ends in “.DAT.” Open the file and wait for QuickTime player to start automatically. Click “Play” to start the movie.

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