How to Prevent CD Duplication

It’s simple to throw a CD in the trash and forget it ever existed. However, if someone gets hold of your disk, it is possible for that person to copy vital information that has been stored on it. You can avoid unwanted cloning or copying of your disk files by taking extra precautionary measures to ensure the disk is gone for good. Things You’ll Need
Microwave (Optional)
Knife or
Sharp Object Scissors
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Place the disc in the microwave for three seconds. Spiderweb cracking pattern will destroy data found on the disk and make the disk completely unreadable. Do not microwave the disc for long periods of time because it can possibly damage your microwave.

Cut the disc into two parts using scissors or a knife. Cut the disk into smaller pieces to make the data completely unreadable if you’re especially concerned about someone copying your vital information.

Scratch the entire reflective layer of the CD with a sharp object to remove its data layer. Use sandpaper to significantly scratch both sides of the disc if you’re worried that someone might still copy the data. Another solution is to place it on concrete and rub it back and forth with your foot.

Torch your CD with a butane torch or equivalent. Igniting the CD is an extremely effective method of warping and destroying the entire CD. Keep the CD away from people and flammable objects.

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