How to program a USB driver

When using USB hardware on your computer you usually need a driver installed on your computer. This computer drivers understand how exactly the hardware functions and when to detect the equipment. The driver is provided with the USB equipment, but it is up to you to properly program the information about your Windows computer system. Things You’ll Need
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Turn on your computer and USB hardware, then connect the USB-based equipment to one of the system’s USB ports. You must do this before programming the drivers into your computer system.

Insert the provided driver installation CD into your computer’s disk drive. Wait a moment for the installation wizard to load onto the screen. If you are running an older version of Windows and the wizard does not load automatically, double click “My Computer”, select the “CD” drive icon and click “Install”. This opens the installation wizard for the computer.

Click “Next ” on the welcome page. This brings up the actual installation requirements.

Select “Next” when the installation name is presented. Changing this may result in the computer failing to detect the driver. Repeat the same process for the installation site.

Click “Install” and USB driver programs directly on the computer system.

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